Megumi Han & Mariya Ise - Hunter x Hunter Preview of Ep 148
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Next Time: Past x And x Future

Gon: I’ll introduce you to Ging eventually!

Killua: Yeah, that’s a promise.

Gon: So until we meet again!

Killua: Yeah!


being able to not have to do anything is great (and still just out of my reach ;A; )

yes!! and i must not waste this time i have (ha ha!)


Luffy’s lying duckface, requested by anon

Episode 92 x Episode 494

Do you remember me? I’m Gon Freecss!

I came here to get Kite back from you!

now that exams are over i can do anything but i  have no idea what to do right now! there are so many choices..

it’s no good. i can’t stop myself.

Stress and envy. Anxiety and agony. Bad possibilities and
deep shadows... I swear right here that I will love all of it.

Onepunch Man vol.1-5 

i stabbed myself in the pinkie finger with my toenail???